My career works for my life

My story of expectations, redefined


It’s about allies at Grant Thornton

When I decided to make a move from Grant Thornton’s Lebanon firm to a Grant Thornton U.S. office, I wasn’t sure what that would mean both professionally and personally. I thought I would have to figure it all out on my own while navigating a foreign country and a new team — on top of moving my family to an unfamiliar city. But during my time at Grant Thornton, I’ve found support from all levels and corners that went beyond my expectations.

Colleagues care and invest in me

Teammates were instrumental in helping me settle into my new U.S. role, and partners continue to keep their doors open. Leaders are always ready to offer help or advice when I’m navigating unchartered territory, balancing competing priorities or just need a boost of self-confidence. As a first-generation Lebanese professional working in the U.S., I’ve connected with colleagues across the firm who have similar experiences; we help each other in many ways.


“I love transferring my knowledge to teammates who are new to the U.S. — I tell them to communicate, and that it’s okay to ask for help, whether it’s professional or personal.”

Alia Alayyash

Senior Manager, Audit Services


I’m now more confident

In the beginning, I’d second-guess my answers just because I was new. But it didn’t take long to realize I could connect with leaders and peers and talk through whatever’s on my mind, and I continued to learn and grow through management of varied and complex client work. Now I don’t hesitate to ask about anything I’m unsure about. Also, as a leader in two business resource groups, I’ve connected with allies, mentors and friends who’ve helped instill further confidence in me.


I’m moving to where I want to go

I know where I can go with my career and how to get there because Grant Thornton gave me growth opportunities, flexibility and guidance when I needed it most. Our practice leader and my career coach worked with me to modify my schedule so I could gain key skills within rotations. They also connected me with the right resources to study for the CPA exam and cleared the way for me to earn the certification that I needed to move to the next level in my career.


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Want to learn more about me? Here are some fun facts.


Icon bulb hands purple
Great advice I received...

Is to feel free to say, “No,” understanding that priorities have to take their turn.

Icon US purple
When I was new in the US...

I was surprised that so many people took what I thought was a late breakfast break at 11:30.

Icon pan purple
I’d like to tell everyone...

That there’s a lot more to Lebanese food than hummus, even though mine is really good. Just ask my teammates.

Icon gift packed purple
When my mom visits...

We shop. It’s a Lebanese tradition to bring back presents for everyone you know.


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