Reaching new heights with my teammates’ support


Victoria Guo’s story


My experience at Grant Thornton has been abundant with comradery. The theme of my journey here is that leaders care and make time for you. Everyone is empowered to go directly to a partner or firm leader, with no intermediate steps. We’re all teammates.

This is something I picked up on during my college career fair and then job interviews. It was apparent that Grant Thornton has a welcoming and supportive culture, which frankly was different from what I sensed about other financial services firms I looked into. Throughout the interview process, if I had a question, I was connected to the right person who could answer it. That’s what really drew me to join Grant Thornton three years ago.


I love traveling and exploring new places (in normal times), for work and on my own.


I work in the Transformation’s Supply Chain practice, but that’s not where I started. I requested a transfer from my original practice in order to focus on strategic and operational improvements. The ease of transferring confirmed for me that you’re supported in what you’d like to do. You have access to resources to help you build on your passion and drive results. This includes developmental opportunities such as training and projects. After I expressed an interest in leading a workstream and building a deliverable, I was empowered to do so. I was also invited to take part in a new system’s pilot program. I’m on a great team and regularly get to do what I love — learn how a client operates and then problem-solve.

My transfer into the Supply Chain team was about a year and a half ago, pre-COVID-19. Many of our clients are in manufacturing and distribution, industries whose supply chains have been greatly impacted by the pandemic. In the beginning it was a bit of a struggle, but we have helped our clients manage these changes. With navigating our own changes and shifting to working remotely, it makes a difference that our leaders look out for us, urging time off and ending the day early from time to time to focus on our needs and make sure we’re taking care of ourselves. I feel that this encouragement makes collaboration even stronger.


My mission as BRG communications chair is educating about diverse abilities.


The pandemic also affected interaction for those of us engaged in the firm’s business resource groups. I’m an ally and the communications chair in the Diverse Abilities BRG. Since our members couldn’t gather in person, we knew it would be important to find ways to keep them connected. We stepped up communications and launched a newsletter as the pandemic hit. I’m the newsletter editor, which perfectly fits my passion for educating myself and others about “diverse abilities,” our term for how people meet their disability challenges. I knew little about these challenges when, soon after I came to Grant Thornton, I attended a BRG event. A panel of fellow employees discussed stories of either their disability or their caregiving. I heard a lot that was new to me, especially about invisible disabilities such as mental challenges. I was hooked and became more involved. Even though I don’t have a disability and haven’t been a caregiver, I was welcomed as an ally. Like all our BRGs, it’s open to everyone, including allies like me. I feel honored to drive greater awareness and education about something central in many people’s lives.

I count this contribution, alongside my work, as making my mark at Grant Thornton. I’m always learning, constantly trying to one-up myself and taking pride in what I accomplish.

One of the people on the BRG panel has had a huge impact on my awareness and involvement in the BRG; you can learn more about Laura Isaacs in her story.


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