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Our deep commitment to a caring, high-performance culture drives how we do our work and run our business. We foster an environment where extraordinary people come together to deliver a culture of quality, innovation and collaboration to our clients and colleagues.


Many companies out there are satisfied with the status quo, both in terms of the services they provide and the direction their industry is traveling. That complacency counts on people to maintain it. So those companies hire job candidates who won’t stick their necks out too far or rock the boat too much.

Not us. At Grant Thornton, we want candidates who are endlessly curious, and who want to see, say and solve things differently. The ones who are hungry to drive client performance to new heights, and ultimately, push the entire industry forward.

Candidates like those are the innovators. The disrupters. The ones who reject the status quo and strive to go beyond business as usual.

That’s you. If you bring your talent, drive and tireless curiosity to Grant Thornton, here’s what we promise to give you in return.


1. A CLEARR culture
The Grant Thornton culture is built on our values of Collaboration, Leadership, Excellence, Agility, Respect and Responsibility—and on employees from all different disciplines, backgrounds and office locations working together. We expect them to deliver world-class levels of innovation, expertise, responsiveness and agility, because our clients expect it from us.

2. Industry-leading flexibility
Here, business is more personal – and more flexible, too. Whether it’s your work location, weekly schedule, time off or seasonal opportunities, we offer the support you need to work in the way that best serves your clients and your life.

3. Professional development
At Grant Thornton, we’re committed to helping every employee grow professionally. That starts with wide-ranging and plentiful opportunities—giving you chances to contribute, collaborate and apply your natural strengths across a variety of functions, as well as to develop new ones.

We give our employees access to leaders and help them find the path that is right for them. That’s how we prepare them to succeed today, to face challenges down the road, and even for opportunities that might arise elsewhere. Why would we do that? Because when you encourage people to learn and to grow, not only do you have high-performing colleagues, but they see the value in staying. That’s why we have the industry’s best employee retention rates.

Are you ready to look at problems from a new vantage point and change the way entire industries do things? To gain experience and grow your career in an environment that fosters creativity, curiosity and collaboration?


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