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We’ve never been a typical professional services firm
Our professionals in Audit, Tax and Advisory Services constantly pursue new ideas and embrace a culture of curiosity, agility and innovation. While colleagues in each service line bring specialized knowledge, experience and skills to their client engagements, our teams deliver the greatest value by collaborating across services to create innovative, tailored solutions to meet clients’ complex challenges. Our industry focus areas and our international member firms enable us to meet client needs, no matter how specialized – no matter the geography.
Grant Thornton International Ltd (GTIL)

Our global network of independent member firms

Helping businesses unlock their global growth potential

The Grant Thornton global network is everywhere our clients are, and everywhere they want us to be. Our network of independent member firms has scale and local market understanding, as well as a collaborative style that enables us to assemble teams across industries and geographies to create tailored solutions for global growth.

"I passionately believe sustainable businesses should be driven by leadership and culture. As we embrace change and focus on the future, we must continually focus on quality to build confidence in markets."

Peter Bodin
CEO, Grant Thornton
International Ltd
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$5.45B revenue (USD)
135+ countries on six continents
53,000 professionals
700+ offices
Industry areas of focus

Grant Thornton offers specialized focus for clients in 10 industry groups, as well as private companies

Colleagues in these groups bring deep industry knowledge and experience to their client service, as well as an understanding of the unique market conditions, challenges and opportunities clients in these industries face.

Grant Thornton industry areas of focus are:
  • Construction, Real Estate, Hospitality and Restaurants
  • Consumer and Industrial Products
  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Health Care & Life Sciences
  • Not-for-Profit
  • Private Equity
  • Services
  • Public Sector
  • Technology, Media,
    Entertainment and
“Deep understanding of a client's business and industry is critical to providing outstanding client service and building larger, multiservice line relationships. We're innovating better ways to build industry knowledge, and our industry program focuses on helping our colleagues leverage industry insights to better serve clients.”
Nichole Jordan
National Managing Partner
Markets, Clients & Industry
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advisory services
Advisory Services helps clients prepare for the future
Our innovative and mission-oriented teams leverage technical depth and industry insights to deliver high-value, high-impact, analytically-based solutions to help our clients shape their future. Regardless of market circumstances, we can help optimize results.
Our focus on Business Consulting and Financial Advisory Services for both commercial and public sector markets directly reflects why our clients engage us – to help them build the solid foundation they need to transform and grow.
We deliver the capabilities and solutions our clients need to grow their business; fine-tune their organizations for optimal performance; and prepare for and protect against risks and meet compliance requirements. Our clients are dynamic organizations with business goals and strategies that continue to evolve – and our integrated services support them every step of the way.
“Across Advisory Services, we work as a cohesive team to build on our core strengths, underpinned with leading analytics, allowing us to devote more time and deliver more value in helping our clients create, transform and protect value.”
Jim Peko
National Managing Principal
Advisory Services
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Advisory Services delivers value to clients through three interconnected business units:
  • Business Consulting
  • Public Sector
  • Financial Advisory Services
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Tax services
Tax Services helps clients prepare for tomorrow
We support our clients as they assess and manage tax complexities, deal with their business realities and embrace innovative technology-enabled services.
Our tax-related services cover a wide range of domestic and global income and non-income tax compliance needs, as well as provide insight, analysis and execution.
The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the Wayfair decision, and other legislative, regulatory and judicial actions have recently introduced sweeping changes that touch every business, and many clients are still grappling with their impact.
For some, the new rules are prompting a fresh look at key decisions fundamental to their business model: entity choice, modernization of financial systems, international and supply chain changes, and the outsourcing of the tax function. And Grant Thornton Tax professionals have been there to guide these discussions with insights and analysis.
Every organization’s tax circumstances are unique. At Grant Thornton, tax innovation means crafting pragmatic, customized, scalable approaches utilizing disruptive technologies and best practices to unlock new value for our clients.
“Our professionals bring deep technical understanding together with the ability to put modern data tools and automation to work. That’s a powerful combination that enables our clients to understand and run their businesses better.”
Jamie Fowler
National Managing Partner
Tax Services
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In 2019, our clients faced many challenges, from changes in tax policy and accounting standards to disruptive technology. To ensure they can meet those challenges and be prepared for a successful future, we have defined solutions in the following areas:
  • Tax reform
  • The Wayfair ruling
  • Tax innovation
  • Revenue recognition
  • Leasing standards
  • Rightsourcing
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audit services
Our Audit practice provides excellent quality alongside top-notch client service
Quality remains a fundamental principle in Audit Services.
Together with management oversight and proper governance, audit quality is a key component in instilling confidence in the capital markets. At Grant Thornton, we select technologies, design protocols and create best practices to advance our quality in order to provide the reasonable assurance required in the most efficient ways possible.
Additionally, our goal is to provide remarkable client service on each engagement – prioritizing clear communication, customizing the audit for each client’s unique business needs to identify risk and ensuring a positive experience in working with us. A “one size fits all” approach doesn’t apply here.
New technologies such as data analytics and artificial intelligence also help us streamline the auditing process, produce new insights out of our comprehensive data analysis and reach the answers clients need more quickly.
“Our firm’s culture sets our Audit professionals apart from the pack. Core values like strong teamwork, responsive support and a dedication to excellence make the difference for our clients.”
Jeff Burgess
National Managing Partner
Audit Services
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Grant Thornton’s Audit Services offer reasonable assurance to business leaders, while promoting greater efficiency, agility and ease of delivery through these outlets:
  • Lumen, our Audit data analytics capability
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Enhanced robotic process automation
  • Electronic portals and dashboards
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GT INDUS supports the US firm with world class resources
Promoting collaboration and enhancing client services
GT INDUS is the Grant Thornton US global in-house hub supporting talent, innovation and performance. Located in Bangalore, India, over 1,000 professionals collaborate to deliver high-quality services and create value for clients.
GT INDUS teammates work with colleagues across the US to support Audit, Tax and Advisory clients.
Some hightlights include:

  • 923k hours delivered across all service lines with 44% YoY growth
  • 1,000+ professionals across service lines and internal client services functions as of July 31, 2019 with 31% YoY growth
  • 900 employees participated in community impact activities conducted as a part of the INDUS CSR Community Day held on November 11, 2019
"Our 44% growth rate is a result of our team’s client-focused and quality conscious efforts. Our dedicated work across service lines and mid-office functions, both onshore and at INDUS, will be essential as we work to help clients achieve their goals."
Verne Bragg
Regional Managing Partner
& Audit Practice Leader
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GT INDUS provides support to Grant Thornton US in nearly all major functions, including:
  • Audit
  • Advisory
  • Tax
  • Marketing
  • I&ES (Independence and Ethical Standards)
  • Knowledge Management
Helping clients drive high performance
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