Helping clients drive high performance

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At Grant Thornton, we strive to deliver high performance for our clients that will result in high performance for our firm. In 2019, we succeeded in two particular areas – innovating new ideas and solutions to create value for clients, and delivering the best quality results in the profession – which, together, resulted in growth for our firm.

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“Our constant goal is to create and deliver value to our clients. We do that by always thinking forward to better ways to do things – innovations for clients that bring greater efficiency, effectiveness and quality to our work and to theirs. That’s how we win our clients’ trust. It’s how we win their business. It’s how we grow our firm.”

Brad Preber
Chief Executive Officer
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Helping clients stay ahead

At Grant Thornton, we continually seek new ways to help clients take advantage of opportunities. One way we’re doing this is through technology solutions that, when combined with our business knowledge, drive efficiencies, lower risk or improve quality, understanding and experience. Several platforms underlie our innovation capability. These platforms facilitate rapid delivery of technology-enabled solutions that address emerging, unmet client needs. Our platform-driven approach allows us to make small bets in short build-measure-learn cycles, pivot and quickly deliver value.

Our Firmwide Analytics as a Service Technology (FAST) platform, a flexible tool that powers some of our solutions, addresses business challenges like data management and increasing regulation. Solutions built on this platform, including LeaseCom Analytics, help clients process data more quickly, make better decisions and rapidly identify impacts and outliers. These tools yield important business insights while helping our clients meet compliance and performance challenges more efficiently and confidently.

Our intelligent automation platform tackles a distinct client challenge related to data ingestion and process automation. Leveraging this platform, our clients can explore automation opportunities knowing Grant Thornton has the hands-on experience, expertise and purposeful management practices required to assess possibilities, deliver on strategies and avoid pitfalls.

Technology platforms are a powerful complement to our process and functional knowledge. Our understanding of client purpose and problem experience fuels our efforts to help clients stay ahead. We use this understanding to reframe challenges as opportunities, facilitate co-creation and deliver solutions that are accretive to client culture, quality, economics and growth.

Quality at our core

At Grant Thornton, we often say that quality is the foundation of all we do. That’s true not just in Audit, but in our Tax and Advisory practices as well. Quality drives everything at our firm, including operational procedures, our client service philosophy and our choice of technologies and how we implement them on engagements.

We’re constantly striving to improve, and consistent investments in training and national office resources support the advancement of our quality results. Our new Audit Quality Advisory Council (AQAC), launched this year, includes three knowledgeable professionals who advise our Partnership Board on strategies to continue to improve our already profession-leading quality results:

  • Inspection rate among best in our profession in most recently published PCAOB report, for the second year in a row
  • Total restatements decreased by 85% since FY10

Investing in the future for our clients

At Grant Thornton, we continue to build a stronger focus on driving client relationship development by leveraging our industry insights to bring greater value to our clients and our people. We also continue to add new target market clients to our client program portfolio, and our revenue from this portfolio continues to grow year over year.

Our strategy, professional expertise and diverse partnerships help us deliver many important benefits to our clients, including identifying their nascent business needs and bringing design solutions to address complex challenges. Put simply, we help our clients prepare for the future and exceed every day.

We’ve accomplished this and more the Grant Thornton way. We consistently deliver excellence, innovation and client-centered services across all three of our practice areas – Audit, Tax and Advisory Services. In fact, our clients gave us a firmwide client satisfaction score of 9.08 out of 10, showing that we put our clients at the center of everything we do.