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Brad Preber
Chief Executive Officer
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To all our stakeholders,

In fiscal year 2019, Grant Thornton delivered exceptional value to clients through our work in Audit, Tax and Advisory Services. We responded to changes in the marketplace by embracing new technologies and developing a wide range of innovative solutions to help our clients achieve their goals. We delivered consistently high-quality results through more efficient and effective ways of working with clients.

As progressive thinkers, we are constantly looking forward for our clients and delivering cost-effective, high-value solutions today that will help improve their results tomorrow. Among the many new ideas we developed and implemented this fiscal year, we delivered:

  • A profession-leading analytics tool that improves audit quality and efficiency through deep analysis of every journal entry affecting a client’s general ledger;
  • A “data cube” to automate client R&D tax credit analysis; and,
  • A tool that accurately and easily centralizes disparate lease portfolios across our clients’ multiple payment systems.

Much of this work was enabled by our India shared services center, INDUS, to accelerate innovation and advance technology transfer.

We believe that quality is our foundation, and over the past year we proved our dedication to this belief. After many years of improving quality reports from our Audit regulator, our latest results reflect audit quality amongst the best in the business. Our clients tell us the same thing about our work in Tax and Advisory Services – quality is a hallmark of our firm’s brand. We will continue to strive for ever-higher quality in the future.

Our firm is strong, growing and profitable. Our focused growth strategy executed by the best workforce in the business delivered results. We expanded relationships with existing clients and won exciting new work to serve a wide range of complex, global businesses. Overall revenue for the fiscal year increased by 5.4% to $1.9 billion, a record best result for our firm.

As a demonstration of our commitment to pursue growth, we acquired TayganPoint Consulting Group, a life sciences consulting team based in Philadelphia. Founded in 2009, the TayganPoint team has a demonstrated track record of helping global organizations – especially in healthcare and life sciences – adapt to changing markets and execute complex process improvement and strategy alignment initiatives. The acquisition added meaningful scale to our rapidly growing Advisory practice and bolstered our reputation in the healthcare and life sciences industries.

Going forward, we are realizing our vision to be the most admired professional services firm. We are working diligently to strengthen our business and deliver results for our clients and our firm. We are building our team with an intense focus on our values and a high-performing culture, because getting results the right way matters. We are confident in our future and enthusiastically embrace the changes and innovations that will redefine our profession in the years to come.

As we engage in this important work together, I welcome your thoughts.

Bradley J. Preber

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