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We’ve never been a typical professional services firm
Our colleagues in Audit, Tax and Advisory Services constantly pursue new ideas and embrace a culture of curiosity, agility and innovation. While colleagues in each service line bring specialized knowledge, experience and skills to their client engagements, our teams deliver the greatest value by collaborating across services to create innovative, tailored solutions to meet clients’ complex challenges.
Grant Thornton International Ltd (GTIL)

Our global network of independent member firms

Helping businesses unlock their global growth potential

The Grant Thornton global network is everywhere our clients are, and everywhere they want us to be. Our network of independent member firms has scale and local market understanding, as well as a collaborative style that enables us to assemble teams across industries and geographies to create tailored solutions for global growth.

“Sustainable business success is built on the right people and culture. In Grant Thornton member firms around the world, that’s our formula for helping our clients transform for the future.”

Peter Bodin
CEO, Grant Thornton
International Ltd
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$5 billion revenue (USD)
135 countries on six continents
50,000 professionals
700+ offices
Industry areas of focus

Grant Thornton offers specialized focus for clients in 11 industry groups

Colleagues in these groups bring deep industry knowledge and experience to their client service, as well as an understanding of the unique market conditions, challenges and opportunities clients in these industries face.

Grant Thornton industry areas of focus are:
  • Construction, Real Estate, Hospitality and Restaurants
  • Consumer and Industrial Products
  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Health Care & Life Sciences
  • Not-for-Profit
  • Private Companies & Private
  • Public Policy
  • Public Sector
  • Technology
  • Global Industries
“Deep understanding of a client's business and industry is critical to providing outstanding client service and building larger multiservice line relationships. We're innovating better ways to build industry knowledge, and our industry program focuses on helping our colleagues leverage industry insights to better serve clients.”
Nichole Jordan
National Managing Partner
Markets, Clients & Industry
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advisory services
Advisory Services is changing the value game
Our Advisory Services professionals are progressive thinkers who create, protect and transform value today so our clients have the opportunity to thrive tomorrow.
Our mission in Advisory Services is to help clients create value for their organizations, protect value against unnecessary risks and transform value through operations and technology investment. While business goals and strategies evolve, our services support clients in every stage of a company’s life cycle.
Whether a client is considering a transaction to drive growth, developing and implementing the right controls to mitigate risk, or advancing finance and technology infrastructure to improve performance and enable new capabilities, Advisory Services’ teams of experienced and knowledgeable professionals help our clients achieve their goals.
“Our commitment to creating, transforming and protecting value for our clients means we focus on providing vital, integrated solutions at every phase of our clients’ lifecycles, helping them overcome business challenges and seize opportunities to improve business value.”
Srikant Sastry
National Managing Principal
Advisory Services
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Advisory Services delivers value to clients through four interconnected business lines:
  • Business Consulting
  • Business Risk Services
  • Enterprise Tecchnology Strategy & Innovation
  • Transaction Services
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Tax services
Our Tax practice solves for tomorrow
Our Tax team helps our clients assess their taxation issues, manage their information and drive innovation to prepare for what challenges the future may bring.
We help our clients analyze and take advantage of opportunities related to a wide range of business issues. Some of these are related to domestic and global income and nonincome taxation concerns, and many go beyond.
Tax reform is inspiring many companies to adopt innovative tools to meet new business challenges. We are investing in innovative solutions to help our clients unlock the full value of their enterprises.
We know that every organization’s tax circumstances are unique. Our definition of tax innovation includes crafting pragmatic, customized and scalable approaches using disruptive technologies and best practices to unlock new value for our clients.
“Our professionals bring a depth of technical knowledge together with an understanding of where automation and data visualization can help our clients derive business insights — and translate that into tangible benefits.”
Jamie Fowler
National Managing Partner
Tax Services
In 2018, our clients faced many challenges, from changes in tax policy and accounting standards to disruptive technology. To meet those challenges and solve for the future, we have defined solutions in the following areas where our clients need help the most:
  • Tax reform
  • The Wayfair ruling
  • Tax innovation
  • Revenue recognition
  • Leasing standards
  • Rightsourcing
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audit services
Our Audit practice delivers quality and deep insights
Grant Thornton’s Audit professionals draw on innovative technologies and processes to produce exceptional audit quality and best-in-class client service.
At Grant Thornton, audit quality comes first. We keep a laser focus on each company’s specific industry and risk areas, and then customize audits to improve accuracy and efficiency, and enhance the value we provide.
We also are developing and delivering new and emerging technologies and processes to deliver far more value from our audits. Tools like data analytics and robotic process automation are already enabling us to ingest and analyze greater volumes of data faster than ever before, generating strategic insights for clients that were never before possible. Industry-leading quality, tailored audit solutions and significant business insights - these are the reasons our clients put their trust in our audit teams.
“Our dedication to quality leads every aspect of a Grant Thornton audit. It drives the careful design of the innovation we pursue, the fully customized approach of the service we deliver and the way we put technology to work for our clients.”
Jeff Burgess
National Managing Partner
Audit Services
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Our full range of audit services and solutions provides assurance to investors and significant business insights to our clients. We are driving this enhanced quality and service through innovative capabilities:
  • State of the art audit software
  • Enhanced data analytics
  • Robotic audit process automation
  • Artificial intelligence
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Quality is our foundation
Inspection statistics
among the best

in our industry
Our best PCAOB results
since 2010
Lowest level
of restatements
since 2001
PCAOB inspections:
More than
90 %
decline in number of issues
identified per inspected audit
engagement over the past six years
We don’t just plan for the future - we help build it
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