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We’re accelerating the future through a culture of innovation

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“We have begun the next phase of our journey as the New Grant Thornton — an agile, collaborative and innovative team on a mission to become the most admired firm in our profession.”

To our clients, partners, employees and other stakeholders,

Over the past five years, digitization has transformed a wide range of industries. Strong, established businesses have faced a crucial decision: adapt to new technologies for the future, or disappear into the past.

In the next five years, many other industries will be disrupted, including professional services. New technologies — data analytics, robotics process automation (RPA), blockchain — are fundamentally changing the nature of the work we do for clients. No firm can escape this wave of change, and firms that fail to innovate will not survive.

In this context, 2018 was a very good year for Grant Thornton. We made significant progress on our most important strategic initiatives. Our revenue grew, and we won many new engagements with clients in our target markets. Our audit quality results continue to improve year after year, and are now among the best in the profession. We accelerated investment in our “Status Go” brand campaign, and continued our work to maintain a healthy, high-performance culture for our people.

And yet, there is no room in the market for comfort or complacency. That’s why even though we’re performing well, we’re also investing in the capabilities that will define the successful professional services firm of the future. What will that firm look like?

The firm of the future will be a high-powered blend of innovative technological capability combined with human judgment, experience and leadership.  

It will deliver a culture of agility and curiosity, with a total dedication to high-quality results. It will be big enough to make a difference — and small enough to make fast, insightful decisions. This is what we mean when we talk about “Status Go.”

This year, we made major strides to bring this “firm of the future” to life. We built an Innovation Platform that will be a constant source of new ideas to help serve our clients. We created a new team in our firm to focus on serving dynamic private companies. And we increased our investment in a modern technology platform that will support new capabilities as they develop, and serve our firm and our clients with the latest cybersecurity tools.

Every business faces the challenge of succeeding in today’s market while driving the innovations that will lead in the markets to come. This is the work we’re doing today at Grant Thornton. We look forward to leading our profession — and helping our clients lead theirs — as we work together to “accelerate the future.”

Mike McGuire

We don’t just plan for the future - we help build it
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