Women in business: Building connections, breaking down barriers
When it comes to achieving gender balance and inclusion, just moving the needle isn’t enough. At the start of this new decade, the state of women in business requires organizations to be absolutely fearless in taking bold action to uncover the behaviors and attitudes that are impeding progress.

From tackling unconscious bias and creating cultures that foster psychological safety to embracing gender inclusion and implementing programs to develop women leaders, the time is now for organizations to get off the sidelines. Women’s History Month is a time to reflect, recalibrate and reassert your commitment to making true progress in gender balance and inclusion. Join Grant Thornton in its commitment to embrace gender-diverse cultures, where women’s voices and ideas are welcomed and woven through the fabric of the entire organization. #EachforEqual

"A gender-inclusive firm doesn’t just hire more women – it incorporates the diversity of their thoughts, voices and ideas into the fabric of the organization."

Brad Preber, Grant Thornton CEO


Psychological safety in a speak-up culture

Fearful or fearless? Act boldly to provide psychological safety for your employees. Learn how with our 10 strategies.

Embrace diversity of thought

Inclusion solution: Empower women for higher performance

Our panel of Grant Thornton women leaders shares how gender inclusivity brings out the best ideas to meet business challenges of tomorrow.

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Women’s work: Differentiating with differences

Simply put: What works for women works for your entire workforce. Gender-diverse teams are proven to lead to better decision-making, suffer less from groupthink and deliver a greater number of innovations. By promoting diversity of thought within leadership teams and leveraging the unique voices that women bring to the table, your organization can differentiate with true differences. Watch our video to learn why gender diversity matters.

"Becoming aware of our biases and taking action to react differently is the fundamental opportunity to move the needle."

Jennifer Hoffman, Grant Thornton Partner, Audit Services