Strategic business alignment builds trust
The CIO’s job is both unforgiving and constantly evolving. On the front line with both customers and business partners when systems fail, CIOs are often locked in a contentious pursuit for the funding needed to modernize aging information technology (IT), while embracing the newest demands. How are CIOs transforming IT from cost center to trust center?

What's in the report:
By managing the business of IT to show value, CIOs can gain a seat at the table as trusted business partners. But how do CIOs transform traditional IT? This report explores:
  • The top challenges facing CIOs, and how they are addressing them
  • The characteristics of today’s successful CIOs
  • The strategies that CIOs are using to drive results

In a time of near constant disruption, CIOs must clearly demonstrate the value of IT in business terms.

How CIOs are meeting new challenges

CIOs are shifting to meet emerging needs and address critical gaps. Our report uncovers signs of change, including: