Pandemic Risk Assessment

Finding the right response to the right risks. Right now.

Holding tablet When uncertainty is the new normal, standing still isn’t an option. Drastic changes to working arrangements around the world and ever-changing expectations of customers, employees and governments mean it’s time to examine the variety of risks facing your organization. From supply chain to working capital, it’s critical that organizations understand and strategize against their unique level of vulnerability in order to keep moving forward.

Grant Thornton’s Pandemic Risk Assessment puts you on the road to recovery by helping you understand your immediate risks in four key risk quadrants:

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Our time sensitive, data driven assessment quantitatively determines risk factors and offers focused resiliency plans to protect your business, customers, and shareholders. You’ll receive:

  • A resiliency dashboard showing where you are now against 4 impact zones and 8 key risk factors
  • Benchmarking of your pandemic risk status compared to others in your industry
  • Immediate recommendations to quickly address your most significant risks and needs

Don’t wait for answers. Take Grant Thornton's online Pandemic Risk Assessment to examine the impact of this pandemic on your business, learn strategies to navigate COVID-19 and identify the areas within your business where resiliency is a competitive advantage.

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