Year-end tax guide

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2013 brought the biggest tax changes in more than a decade. The resolution to the fiscal cliff standoff increased taxes by more than $600 billion and rewrote scores of rules. Among the changes: The rates on many types of income are higher in 2013 for high-income taxpayers, and a new Medicare tax on investment income is effective for the first time this year. So, some strategies that worked before don’t make sense anymore, and the law created new opportunities.

Our Year-end tax guide lays out the new landscape in detail, with clear descriptions and comprehensive charts and tables. The first chapter and our 12 tax law change alerts highlight the most important changes affecting you and your business. Planning is critical, so we’ve added tips you can put in place right now. Examples and case studies show what planning means in real dollars.

 Guide content: 

  1. Tax law changes: What's new this year?
  2. Getting started: Individual tax rates and rules
  3. AMT: The hidden tax
  4. Investment income: Understanding the new rates
  5. Executive compensation: Thinking through your options
  6. Business ownership: The new math on entity choice
  7. Charitable deductions: Saving by giving
  8. Education incentives: The ABCs of tax savings
  9. Retirement savings: Tax-free growth
  10. Estate planning: A permanent solution   

Download the guide now or contact a Grant Thornton professional to discuss your situation.

Mel Schwarz